State Rural Soils CDE

Total number of participating teams and individuals, if available, are represented in parenthesis.
Individuals are ordered by rank, if shown, then alphabetically.

Year  Team RankIndividuals Individual Rank
19871st (55)Allen Geyer
Matt Roller
Mark Grose
19826th (45)Bill Foos
Mike Hall
Barb Parish
Matt Reed
20148th (53)Justin Gravatt
Taylor Bahan
Mike Plotner
Nic Price
1st (189)
19798th (50)Mark Hatmaker
Steve Fowler
Shelley Laird
Carmen Parish
198310th (45)Matt Reed
Richard Buettner
Bill Foos
Mike Grose
201211th (53)Riley Hall
Bethany Dresback
Skyler Foos
Kolton Ingles
14th (190)
198611th (58)Jennifer Foos
Allen Geyer
Matt Roller
198012th (49)Steve Fowler
Mark Hatmaker
Shelley Laird
Carmen Parish
198116th (42)Mike Hall
Mark Hatmaker
Shelley Laird
Tenah Ridge
200918th (55)Kyle Dresback
Kayleen Faine
Kyle Gravatt
Matt Ross
201120th (58)Kyle Dresback
Skyler Foos
Justin Gravatt
Riley Hall
199022nd (58)Jason Davis
Murphy Foreman
Andrea Hines
201033rd (57)Kyle Dresback
Riley Hall
Michelle Shepherd
198933rd (57)Jason Davis
Andrea Hines
Andy Wedding
200238th (50)Craig Springer
Mark Bugg
John Hartings
Adam Middlesworth
7th (193)
198542nd (55)Richard Buettner
Jennifer Foos
Allen Geyer
200349th (50)Michael McMahan
Talyn Powers
Tyler Springer
199253rd (58)Murphy Foreman
Marc Fox
Neena Rees
2013n/aSkyler Foos